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Meet Dannie

Dannie Panzid is an Art Psychotherapist with diverse life skills, experiencing life in care, separation from siblings, moving across countries with language and cultural differences. Dannie is passionate and enthusiastic dedicating her work to support young people in her care to communicate and process early life experiences that may affect their current mental health and relationships.


Dannie believes that working with the environment surrounding the young person has a dramatic positive effect on the success of her work she has accessed further training to facilitate staff clinical supervision and Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) courses to promote the same success for parents and care home staff alike.


Dannie uses an integrative combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies, often using environmental therapy and taking her clients out of the home or school to walk and talk with her dog Zsa-Zsa (risk assessments required). This approach, using a relaxed and open relationship along with CBT techniques to support cognitive alignment supports young people to develop a strong therapeutic relationship.

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Meet Amelia
What is Art Psychotherapy?

What is Art Psychotherapy?

and how can it help?

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Art Therapy and Mental Health

Art Psychotherapy is a confidential, supportive service where we use art materials to express thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences


Art Psychotherapy is not an art class and is equally helpful for those with skills in art making and those who do not consider themselves to be creative at all. Artwork made in Art Psychotherapy is considered a personal expression which allows a person to communicate issues that feel confusing or hard to talk about.

Mental health is to do with how we feel inside, how in control we feel and how able to cope we are. We usually know what we mean when we talk about physical health, but mental health is often less understood and talked about.

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Artwork made in Art Psychotherapy is

considered a personal expression which allows a person to communicate issues that feel confusing or hard to talk about.


Art Psychotherapy Contract

My private practice abides by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Standards of Conduct, Performance, and Ethics, and the BAAT Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Practice, and other statutory requirements. I am also bound to follow both HCPC, BACP and BAAT guidelines to support and inform my practice, and to assist decision-making. I comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.



Now I'm able to say just what it is that's bothering me

Dannie is really nice to the kids and gets to know them on a personal basis

She's always there for me if I need to talk to her



Everything you make and say in therapy sessions is confidential, I will not discuss anything from the sessions unless it puts you or others in danger. If there was anything that was unsafe we would talk about it first and think about how I could help you make things safe again by working out how and where we can get the best help for you to keep you and others safe.

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